NiceHash Announces 90% LHRv3 Unlock for RTX 3050 and 3080 12GB


The cryptocurrency mining specialists over at Nicehash have released a partial hash-rate unlock for Nvidia’s LHRv3 (Light Hash Rate version 3) GPUs. Why partial? The QuickMiner application can tap into 90%, rather than 100% of the potential Ethereum (ETH) mining power of the Ampere architecture LHRv3 graphics cards. Nvidia’s only LHRv3 graphics cards at the time of writing are the GeForce RTX 3050 8GB and RTX 3080 12GB for desktops. We must note that neither of these GPUs feature in our Best Graphics Cards for Gaming in 2022. Miners were previously limited to mining at approximately 50% of the theoretical potential of those cards.

Nvidia first implemented LHR technologies back in February 2021, with the arrival of the GeForce RTX 3060. It followed up with new LHR variants of the RTX 3080, 3070, 3060 Ti and 3060 cards in summer with LHRv2 applied, and RTX 3080 Ti and 3070 Ti have always had LHRv2. When the GeForce RTX 3050 8GB and RTX 3080 12GB debuted in 2022, they came packing a revamped LHRv3. Confusingly, they were all simply described / labeled as ‘LHR’ edition graphics cards – no version numbers provided. According to Nicehash, all Nvidia RTX30 series GPUs are now either fully or 90% unlocked.

NVIDIA LHRv3 unlock

(Image credit: Nvidia)
There isn’t a lot of detail about the latest release of the NiceHash QuickMiner v0.5.4.2 RC to share. The ETH mining app does the 90% unlock on LHRv3 cards, and offers “major stability improvements.” The new release requires Nvidia driver version 512.15 or higher.

The LHRv3 90% unlock comes hot on the heels of the 100% LHR unlock we reported on in early May. Nicehash provided hash rate guidance figures to show the benefits of its latest software. We have reproduced that below, adding in approximate 90% partial unlock rate figures for the LHRv3 cards.

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